Florence Sage - Poet

Butterfly Launches from Spar Pole

This is a collaboration between writer Bob Pyle, Nirvana founding member and bassist, Krist Novoselic, and local musician, Ray Prestegard, on combining a body of poetry and acoustic guitar music. They may have their album of it done and ready to sell by then.

All three are residents of Wahkiakum County

Robert Michael Pyle   -   Author

Florence Sage of Astoria, long-time leader of River Theater poetry series and poetry columnist for Hipfish, co-founder of Fisher Poets. Her book is called Nevertheless: Poems from the Gray Area (published by Hipfish).

Robert Michael Pyle is a lepidopterist, writer, teacher, and founder of the Xerces Society. He has a Ph.D. in ecology and environmental studies from the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. He is an internationally known butterfly specialist and writer, having written 17 books.  Evolution of the Genus Iris and Chinook & Chanterelle, both published by Lost Horse Press:

Bob resides in Grays River.