Nell Coulson -  Mixed Medium Paintings

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Born:  Longview, WA

Schools: Mark Morris HS, Lower Columbia C., Portland State University, Clark College (AAS)

When I was young I always enjoyed drawing; then with adult life, more school, marriage & 5 children.  At times thru the years I would find time for art; I acquired pastels & oils.  I used those supplies rarely, but I wouldn’t get rid of them, as we moved from Longview, to Vancouver, & finally to Cathlamet in 1987.  I always felt there would be a time for this part of myself. In 2004, I decided the time was now.  Time speeds by without your notice when you’re painting & determining design & color hold your focus; it’s enjoyable. Of course, making art doesn’t always go smoothly; sometimes finding the point where the painting feels “right”; is elusive.  Sometimes I have to get a picture under glass to finally let it be done. 

I try to make the very best creation I can, let it stand & move on to the next challenge.  There is no end to a journey in art; as the journey is what it’s about.