Door to Sea

Cathlamet Waterfront II

Spirit Walking

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Judy is originally from the Midwest, but moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1981, and has resided in Cathlamet, near the Lower Columbia River since 1989. She started taking photos when she was about 10 years old. But much later, after college and exploring other career paths in different parts of the country, she returned to school studying photography and art at Southern Illinois University. She has been teaching photography at Lower Columbia College in Longview, WA., since 1995. 

  Judy works in both traditional film and digital photography, and her photography has been exhibited in juried shows and solo exhibitions in Iowa, Illinois, Oregon and Washington and She has been a member of the Tsuga Gallery in Cathlamet since it’s origin in 2011.

   “I’ve always enjoyed combining my love of photography with my love of the outdoors, and travel, and my enjoyment in working with people of all ages. I find the challenge and joy of discovery through it to be never-ending. I use photography as an excuse to explore – both external and internal worlds, and if I can bring someone else along on that journey, all the better.”  

Judy VanderMaten - Photography