Adventure in Borneo

This award winning book gives a factual and vividly descriptive account of a young man who pursues his passion for exotic  Pheasants  into the deepest jungles of Borneo,  the world's third largest island.  Dan is determined to find the tiny Bornean Peacock Pheasant even though there hasn't been a documented sighting of the  bird in the wild since 1962. Traveling by himself into the hot humid old-growth rainforests, Dan is often unaware of the dangers involved because he doesn't speak the language or know the customs.  During his seven  months in  Indonesia, he finds himself in some very  unusual,  often  uncomfortable, and more often than not, life-threatening situations.  But Dan never strays far from his focus on finding the Pheasant, and his intriguing personal experiences range from hold your breath adventure to hold your belly hilarious.

Jolan Durrah and her husband, Rick, live on a hillside farm near Skamokawa where they have raised exotic pheasants since 1975.

Their involvement in aviculture provided the inspiration for Jolan’s first two books. Adventure in Borneo, her first book, received 9 awards in assorted categories including adventure, biography, multicultural non-fiction, travel essay, and cover design. Her second book, An Obsession Called Pheasant, was awarded finalist in the category of biography by the 2012 Next Generation INDIE Book Awards. She is currently working on a third book.

Jolan’s hobbies include gardening, knitting and weaving with natural fibers, collecting feathers, and beachcombing. See website adventureinborneo

Jolan Durrah - Author

An obsession called Pheasant

As a child Dan became enchanted with Pheasants, and his passion for the birds only increased as he grew older.  Following his heart, he took advantage of every opportunity he was given to work with affluent Pheasant breeders throughout the United States.  While humorous and entertaining, there is a much deeper message in this true story about Dan's initiation into the world of exotic and rare Pheasants.  Ultimately, money, intrigue, love, tragedy, and loss, will bring Dan to a life-changing decision driven by his obsession with the well-being of these rare creatures. 

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