David Johnson - Painter - Musician

I grew up in different states (military dependent), and went to college in Texas.  I’ve spent my working years in Washington state.  Currently, I live on Puget Island near Cathlamet, Wa. 

I obtained my Bachelor’s of Art degree from North Texas State University in the early 70s.

Worked as a Serigraph Printer in Austin for a while, then went back to school, got a Master’s of Deaf Education, and worked as a teacher for the deaf for the next three decades.  

All the while, I was painting at home, but  it had become a hobby and not a career.  

I paint whatever catches my attention, whether it be portraits,  landscapes, still-life’s, abstracts, or imaginative flights of fancy.  Although, I have worked in acrylic in the past, now I exclusively use oil paints.

 I play some classical music on the viola; some Irish tunes on the violin; some contemporary songs on the guitar; or some old time songs on the Ukulele.  My music covers popular contemporary tunes, some country, some Irish fiddle (although I don't play them near as fast as they're normally played), and some classical.